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Family Therapy


Are you finding that there is stress in the family?  Is it hard for everyone to get along?  Every family goes through difficult times and periodic breakdowns in communication. However, there are times that families begin to struggle on a more regular basis.

Family therapy during times of struggle can be especially helpful. It focuses on the family as a whole - examining the communication patterns and relationships amongst members of the family. Each family member receives a chance to express his/her thoughts and feelings while being coached on how to understand the thoughts and feelings of another.

                     Family Therapy Can Help By:

  • Improving communication amongst family members
  • Improving parenting practices and techniques
  • Helping children and youth open up to parents
  • Helping adult children relate to their parents and vice versa
  • Helping family members cope with mental health issues in the family
  • Helping family members cope with loss or grief
  • Helping members of blended families communicate and unite


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