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The Guelph Psychology Centre is a private practice that provides comprehensive mental health services to adults, couples, children, adolescents, older adults, and families.


Therapy Services

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Does your child or teen seem to worry a lot? Does he or she seem more down than usual? 

Adult Therapy

Are you having trouble juggling your life? Are you having difficulties managing work, family or school demands? 

Therapy for Older Adults

Are you experiencing any difficulties in adjusting to aging? Do you have any new demands such as caregiving for a loved one? 

Couples Therapy

Are you having challenges in your relationship that have left you feeling disconnected from your partner? Do you find that you get emotional reactive with your partner at times and are left feeling confused? 

Family Therapy

Are you finding that there is stress in the family? Is it hard for everyone to get along? 

Assessment Services

Psychological Assessments

GPC provides mental health assessments to adults, children, adolescents and older adults to assess emotional, social, personality and overall psychological functioning. 

Psycho-educational Assessments 

GPC provides comprehensive psycho-educational for children, adolescents, and adults.

For Healthcare Professionals, Agencies and Insurers 

The practitioners at GPC accept referrals from all health care professionals

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